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The Organization JD is given below for reference. The Organization: Talentpull Corporate is a Telecom Project Management and which was established in the year 2014. We are providing solutions to help the telecom service providers, network operators, vendors and equipment manufacturers to maximize the value of technology investments and deliver the highest service levels to their customers. Talentpull binds as a family with the help of experienced team of Project managers, highly skilled engineers and technicians who are dedicated in the field of installation and maintenance of cellular service industry. Talentpull has no dearth in the telecom services and gives you a wide range of options that can suit your business plans, fit your budget, matches your needs and helps you achieve your goals and expectations. We focus on high quality, excellent service, low operating cost and meeting the requirements of our customers so that we can enhance the profitability. We create a long term value & potential growth for our customers and hold an enormous proficiency through its long list of successful projects. Company`s Working Domain Areas:- INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING (I&C) OF BTS, E-Node B & Various Types of Antenna`s. INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING (I&C) OF Microwave, CDMA, GSM Antenna`s. To MAINTAIN THE LINK BETWEEN TWO OR MORE MICROWAVE ANTENNA`S. DISMANTLING OF VARIOUS INSTRUMENTS LIKE Microwave, CDMA, GSM Antenna`s & BTS etc. RF/BTS/EMF/LOS/Drive Test (SCFT/SCVT/CLOT/EMF/GRID TESTING). END TO END INTEGRATION. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE. IBS( In Building Solution)

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Mobile: 8146274092